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пятница, 16 октября 2009 г.


Несколько лет назад скачал на сайте одного уважаемого агентства пару выпусков их периодического издания "Кто есть кто на рынке переводов. Справочник. Ноябрь 2005". Позабавила презентация одного агентства, приглашаю коллег оценить качество английского текста:

*** TRANSLATION AGENCY – A Russian company, has been working in the field of oral and written translations since 1994. We translate into Russian and the majority of European languages. Key specialization area for our company is oral and written translations for the information technology and telecommunications industry. We are regarded as one of the leading translation and editing companies in this field, on the basis of many years experience and collaboration with some of the leading names in the industry, such as: A***n, C***s, ***l, and S***s. The continuous high quality of our work is due to the fact that we only use highly qualified translators who have specialized knowledge in their particular field and to the fact that all finished translations undergo a strict proofreading process before handing to the client. Our company was one of the first in Moscow to introduce the specialized Translation Memory technology for the completion of large volume translation projects. For all translation projects in which we use Translation Memory we offer significant discounts for texts that possess large numbers of repeated fragments. The motto of our company is – «the complete language solution». Our corporate clients can, accordingly, rely on us to find the right solution to any language and translation problem, whether it be the selection of the interpreters for an event, the provision of facilities for simultaneous translations, the notarization of translations, the preparation of documents for publication or the creation of specially themed glossaries. We operate our business using the following basic principles:
- finding the right solution to your particular problems;
- by taking an all embracing, integrated approach to your problem, and not by treating each issue separately;
- by refusing to accept from clients work or business, which we don’t realistically believe we can complete on time or to the right level of quality. We look forward to having you as one of our clients!

Ну и кто они есть, по-вашему?

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