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суббота, 16 мая 2009 г.

Загадочный язык

Ответ на загадку "Угадайте язык!"

То есть, язык - олбанский, а "падонки" - это хорошо забытые "аганьки"!

The phonetic script used in the volume was the subject of prolonged and careful consideration by the authors, and it is hoped that 'general' students as well as those specially trained in phonetics will be attracted by it. Most of the characters are quite familiar Roman ones, some, such as those denoting 'jotated' consonants, are 'original' adaptations of Roman letters, one or two are Greek, while š, ž, etc., are already used by those Slavonic peoples who no longer use the Cyrillic alphabet. Russian phoneticians favour most of the signs used in our volume.

In order to make the phonetic text as clear and useful as possible, it has been deemed advisable to ignore minor distinctions of sound or quality of sound; thus, indirect 'jotation' is not always marked, 'tenseness' or 'slackness' of vowels is not indicated, and vowels which are only slightly different from Full vowels (e.g. under second stress) are not separately distinguished. All these points are, of course, fully dealt with in the paragraphs devoted to Phonology (pp. 12 to 67). The speech here transcribed is the natural speech of an educated Russian, and the rate of utterance is moderate, avoiding deliberation or stiffness on the one hand, and 'over-colloquiamess' on the other.

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